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Football Agent Exams

 11 / 01 / 24 Author: PZPN
Football Agent Exams

We would like to inform you that in 2024 the Football Agent Exams organised by FIFA will be held on two dates – on 22 May and in November (the exact day has not yet been set).

Passing the exam is an absolute prerequisite for obtaining a FIFA Football Agent Licence, which entitles the holder to provide football agent services worldwide.

Below is some basic information on the forthcoming exam:

1 Date – 22 May 2024 (Wednesday);

2. Participant registration commenced on 9 January 2024 and will close on 31 March 2024; 

3. Participant registration and the exam will be conducted via the dedicated FIFA platform –;

4. The exam will be conducted stationary, in Warsaw, with the exact place and time of commencement to be indicated at a later date;

5. Participation in the exam will be conditional on, among other things, the advance payment of a fee in an amount determined by the Polish Football Association – a decision in this regard will be communicated in a separate mailing to registered candidates;

6. The exam rules and training materials will be published by FIFA on the platform and the FIFA website in January 2024.

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