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Michał Probierz: We can't change everything in five minutes

 15 / 10 / 23 Author: PZPN
Michał Probierz: We can't change everything in five minutes

"Our problem in this match was the missed opportunities. In terms of our attitude to the match, commitment, determination, I have nothing to reproach the players for. There was a lack of finishing touches, of dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Now I am faced with the task of picking the players who will ensure our victory in the next game, and if we do not get direct qualification, proper preparation for the play-offs," said the Polish national team head coach Michał Probierz after the game against Moldova, which ended in a 1:1 draw.

"I certainly feel unsatisfied after this game. We prepared for it properly, and I'm surprised we seemed a bit scared in the first quarter of an hour. We were giving the ball away too easily to our opponents, unable to hold on to it for a while; there was a lot of nervousness. After that, we took control of the situation. We dominated the game; of course, we could have behaved more calmly in some situations. At the very end, we needlessly restricted ourselves to crosses when we could have been looking for perpendicular passes," he added.

"We expected the opponents to come here focused on counter-attacks and set pieces. We lost a goal after one of them, which hurt us all the more because the coaching staff alerted the team to it. The Moldovans scored a similar goal in a match against Sweden. We drew attention to it, but we did not avoid the mistake," noted the Polish national team head coach.

"We need to be clear that I am not a miracle worker. Some things can't be worked out without the right amount of training. I believe that we've nevertheless changed a few things. We've already introduced new players to contribute to the team. I understand the disappointment, but we are losing these qualifiers not only due to this one game. If we still have a chance, we will fight to the very end for qualification. The best thing today was certainly the determination, the will to fight. We can't change everything in five minutes, but mentally, we certainly look much better," concluded Michał Probierz.

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